Best London Filmmaker Nominees

And finally in our round up of blogs looking closer at this years nominees, we highlight the Best London Filmmaker category. This year we have six short films nominated!

Writer, Director & Producers: Joshua Stewart and Simon Youel
Also nominated for Best Documentary.

Back on the Line uncovers the events surrounding original strike action in 1977 by six Gujurati workers as it grew to a mass picketing event, which occurred at the Grunwick photo processing plant in Willesden, North London. Bringing together those who were on the picket line, their experiences are recounted and placed within the context of the wider strike of 1976-8. It captures this lesser known chapter of history within the British Labour movement on film, while drawing context for the state of affairs in the modern day.

still-1-police-modern still-2-derek Still 3 - Police Archive

Writer & Director: Ed Wiles
Producer: Carey Thring

City Lights is a sweet and comical love story about two isolated immigrants – a West African man and an Indian woman – who find love during the lonely city nights. Michel is the night security guard in a London office tower; Amita is a lonely cleaner in the tower directly opposite. Although confined to his building, Michel resolves to make a connection. Produced through Film London’s London Calling short film fund, City Lights is a highly visual, mainly dialogue-free film.

city-lights-1 city-lights-2 City Lights 3

Find out more about City Lights here

Writer & Director: Jake Graf
Producer: Kat Holmes

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other. As the sun begins to rise, and the veil of night is lifted, the pair are forced to look at themselves and face the harsh reality that life is sometimes what you make it, and that in the cold light of day, it takes more than the eyes to see inside a soul.

dawn-2 dawn-1 Dawn 3

Find out more about DAWN here

Writer & Director: George Taylor
Producer: Will Willson

It is the dog days of summer: the idle time at the height of summer, when, the Romans used to say, people are compelled to act strangely. The city sweats. On the hottest night of the year, two people from very different Londons meet – and go for a midnight swim.

dogdays_3 dogdays_2 DogDays_1

Writer, Director & Producer: James Everett
London Premier

When Ingrid, an unsympathetic care worker, confiscates Belinda’s treasured picture of Peggy Lee, her friend Alexander decides to smuggle them both out of the home to visit a 1940s jazz club. When their dream is about to be cut short by the arrival of Ingrid, Belinda does something so extraordinary that it brings the entire jazz club to a standing ovation.

waiter aryana-on-bed A&B tower bridge

Writer & Director: Benjamin Ducker
Producers: Mike Etherington, James Ducker & Benjamin Ducker

The humbling and remarkable true story of jockey Dandy Nicholls, a run away boy who punched, kicked and starved his way through the dark underworld of horse racing to be crowned ‘The Sprint King’ of the 80’s race scene.

sick horse arena

Find out more about the film here.

The festival will take place in conjunction with Wimbledon Bookfest, to be held in the Big Tent on 1 October. Tickets are available here.

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