Winning Filmmaker Interview // Written In Pencil by Yaron Bar

We catch up with one of the award winning filmmakers from our festival vaults to find out what they have been up to over the last few years. Yaron Bar, the director and animator of 2011’s Best Student Film winning ‘Written In Pencil”

Tell us all about ‘Written In Pencil’ and what made you want to tell this story?
It is a short animated film about a train voyage that goes wrong. The film’s setup just occurred to me while riding the bus to school, and as we live in an age in which terror attacks are common, I just started to think about portraying the last moments in such a ride. Since the film was done in animation, I had the liberty to use characters and locations from a different era, and I just enjoyed this mash up of references and ideas that had in my mind a common core. Continue reading

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C.T.R.L is a pretty awesome experimental dance short film that you can watch again and again and never tire of.

It also picked up the Best Experimental Short Film award at our 2015 festival so we’re super excited that its now available to view online!  Continue reading

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2017 Call For Entries!

The 2017 Wimbledon International Short Film Festival is now accepting entries of short fiction films, animated films and documentaries up to the maximum length of 15 minutes.

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WISFF 2016 Award Winning Films!

In The Parking Lot

What our judges had to say

An emotional film with strong performances that explores with great sensitivity and insight the difficult time of family break-up. My favourite film this year.

A film which blends form and content beautifully to capture the sense of powerlessness of being a child. The parking lot was an inspired choice as it is something we all have experienced and is oddly universal. A wonderful achievement.

Writer & Director: Juliana Orea
Writer: Peter Solis
Producer: José Luis Villanueva Continue reading

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Wimbledon International Short Film Festival 2016


Greetings from last weeks Wimbledon International Short Film Festival 2016

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Best London Filmmaker Nominees

And finally in our round up of blogs looking closer at this years nominees, we highlight the Best London Filmmaker category. This year we have six short films nominated!

Writer, Director & Producers: Joshua Stewart and Simon Youel
Also nominated for Best Documentary.

Back on the Line uncovers the events surrounding original strike action in 1977 by six Gujurati workers as it grew to a mass picketing event, which occurred at the Grunwick photo processing plant in Willesden, North London. Bringing together those who were on the picket line, their experiences are recounted and placed within the context of the wider strike of 1976-8. It captures this lesser known chapter of history within the British Labour movement on film, while drawing context for the state of affairs in the modern day.

still-1-police-modern still-2-derek Still 3 - Police Archive

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Best Documentary Nominees

This year we have 3 short films nominated for Best Documentary Film at WISFF 2016.

World Premier
Director: Lucy Werrett
Producers: Lily Jane Godden & Lucy Werrett
Also nominated for Best Student Film

War does not stop when the last shot is fired. Set in the city of Bristol, Nan’s Army tells the story of three local elderly women whose lives were transformed by World War 2 for better and for worse. Bristol was the fifth most bombed British city of the war, with much of the city having to be completely rebuilt after the wars end. Nan’s Army recounts what it was like for young girls to grow up in this tumultuous time, a time when families were ripped apart, friends were lost and homes were destroyed.

nans army 2 nans army nans army 3

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Best Student Film – Nominees

This year we have 5 short films nominated for Best Student Film at WISFF 2016.

Director & Animator: Jelena Sinik
Also nominated for Best Animated Film

Adapted from the poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ by T. S. Eliot, Imagining Time is designed in a dual screen format. The animation combines notions of the disruption of the everyday; magical realism and surrealism with the themes of isolation, introversion and passivity from the poem. A century after the first publication of the poem, its exploration of the modern condition remains highly relatable to audiences today. An experimental animation, Imagining Time engages with issues of identity and the self, as we embark on an imaginative journey through the mind and experiences of young writer Alex Rabey. 

Imagining_Time_1 ImaginingTime_2 ImaginingTime_3

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Best Animated Short Film – Nominees

This year we have three short films nominated for Best Animated Short Film at WISFF 2016.

Director & Animator: Lyle Pisio

In a twist on the old ‘sell your soul to the devil’ gag, Andrew is offered his heart’s desire for a bit of his youth, as the terms are clarified he must decide wether the steepening price is worth the lasting consequences for his passing fancy. As it turns out, the devil is no longer only interested in souls, but he’s definitely still living in the details… 

Haiku 9 still 01 Haiku 9 still 02 Haiku 9 still 03

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Official Selection WISFF 2016

We’re proud to announce our line up of amazing, thought provoking, entertaining and exciting short films for this years Wimbledon International Short Film Festival.

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