Best Animated Short Film – Nominees

This year we have three short films nominated for Best Animated Short Film at WISFF 2016.

Director & Animator: Lyle Pisio

In a twist on the old ‘sell your soul to the devil’ gag, Andrew is offered his heart’s desire for a bit of his youth, as the terms are clarified he must decide wether the steepening price is worth the lasting consequences for his passing fancy. As it turns out, the devil is no longer only interested in souls, but he’s definitely still living in the details… 

Haiku 9 still 01 Haiku 9 still 02 Haiku 9 still 03

Find out more about the film here

Director & Animator: Jelena Sinik
Also nominated for Best Student Film

Adapted from the poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ by T. S. Eliot, Imagining Time is designed in a dual screen format. The animation combines notions of the disruption of the everyday; magical realism and surrealism with the themes of isolation, introversion and passivity from the poem. A century after the first publication of the poem, its exploration of the modern condition remains highly relatable to audiences today. An experimental animation, Imagining Time engages with issues of identity and the self, as we embark on an imaginative journey through the mind and experiences of young writer Alex Rabey. 

Imagining_Time_1 ImaginingTime_2 ImaginingTime_3

Find out more about Jelena here

Writer & Animator: Jan Julian Rospond
Also nominated for Best Student Film

In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, but the unexpected turn of events helps him discover the monster’s great secret. 

The Curse of the Were-Rat1283 The Curse of the Were-Rat2957 The Curse of the Were-Rat5935

Find out more about the film and the filmmaker here, plus you can also like the film on Facebook here

The festival will take place in conjunction with Wimbledon Bookfest, to be held in the Big Tent on 1 October. Tickets are available here.

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