2015 Official Selection Announcement

Wimbledon International Short Film Festival is excited to announce our official selection for 2015!

WFC logo 2014The winner of the ‘Best Film Award’ sponsored by Wimbledon Film Club will win £500 towards their next film, we will also be giving out awards for the Best Student, Animation and Experimental Film and an award for the Best London Filmmaker.

Tickets are now on sale for the screening and awards night Saturday 3 Oct, in Association with Wimbledon Bookfest, in the Big Tent on the Common. Tickets £12.50


Apollo_Still1_WithBordersDirector / Writer: Joe Betteridge
Producer: Luke Tsamados
Categories: Student, Drama
Country: UK

Blue Moon Cafe
BlueMoonCafe_2_BordersDirector / Writer  /Producer / Animator: Fin McMorran
Categories: Animation
Country: UK

Bye Bye Dandelion
Bye Bye Dandelion 2Director / Writer / Producer: Isabel Garrett
Categories: Student, Animation, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Catkins still 2Director / Writer: Alexander Darby
Producer: Ksenia Harwood
Categories: Student, Drama, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Creme De La End
CremeDeLaEnd_Still2_WithBordersDirector / Writer / Producer: Andrew Messersmith
Categories: Comedy, International
Country: USA

CTRL_still1_bordersDirector: Mariana Conde
Producer: Donna Mabey
Choreographer: Damien Anyasi
Categories: Dance, Experimental, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Dad In Mum
DadInMum_Still3_WithBordersDirector / Writer: Fabrice Bracq
Producer: Sam  Bouchard
Categories: Comedy, International
Country: France

DarkNet2_bordersDirector / Writer: Tom Marshall
Producer: Adam Woodhall
Categories: Comedy, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Golden Shot
GoldenShort3_bordersDirector / Writer / Producer / Animator: Gokalp Gonen
Categories: Animation, International
Country: Turkey

Life’s A Bench
LifesaBench_2_bordersDirector / Writer / Producer: Andrew Elias
Categories: Experimental
Country: UK

Murmur3_bordersDirector: Aurora Fearnley
Writer: Simon James Cookson
Producers: Maria Forsstrom, Jude Goldrei & Sophie Reynolds
Categories: Drama, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

No One Dies In The Mornings
NoOneDies2_WithBordersDirector: Alexander Koruchekov
Writer: Nikita Lebedev
Producer: Elena Shevchenko
Categories: Drama, International
Country: Russia

Passing Orion
PassingOrion2_bordersDirector: Sean Thonson
Producer: Sharron Toews
Categories: Documentary, International
Country: Canada

The Public Life of Manick G.
The Public Life of Manick G. Still 1Director / Writer / Producer: Meghan Horvath
Categories: Documentary, Experimental
Country: UK

The Voice in the Head
TheVoiceInTheHead_Still1_WithBordersDirector / Writer: Cyrus Trafford
Producers: Peter Sinclair, Heidi Carmichael, Josh Mallelieu & Cyrus Trafford
Categories: Drama, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Whisper2_bordersDirector: Jo Lewis
Writer: Stewart Pringle
Producer: Sam and Ben Callis
Categories: Drama, Horror, London Filmmaker
Country: UK

Find out more about each film by reading our blogs over the next few days….

Best Student Film Nominees  –  Sat 29 Aug
Best Experimental Film Nominees (Sponsored by Marcus Beale Architects)  – Sun 30 Aug
Best Animation Film Nominees  – Mon 31 Aug
Best London Filmmaker Nominees (Sponsored by Chromacode Studios) – Tues 1 Sept
International Selection – Wed 2 Sept

All films have the chance to win our Best Film Award (Sponsored by Wimbledon Film Club) and the audience award voted on the night.


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