Meet The Judges (part three)

MEET THE JUDGES – Lila Rawlings
Executive Producer, Left Bank Pictures & Script Consultant

Lila Rawlings

What I do on a day to day basis…
Being an executive producer involves everything from finding and developing good ideas for films and television drama, meeting literary agents, working with script writers, pitching to commissioners and financiers, meeting directors, putting together finance plans, casting, going to the theatre, screenings and reading the film and TV trades……I might not manage all of these things in one day, but I have been known to try!

A recent short film I’ve enjoyed… 
A short called Group B written by talented NFTS graduates Joe Murtagh and Nick Rowland and directed by Nick Rowland. Set in 1986, the peak of high-octane Group B rally driving, Rally driver Shane Hunter is facing his comeback after a long and troubled absence. To survive he must learn to trust his new navigator and make peace with the past. This film pollaxed me. It’s visceral, utterly gripping and manages to avoid all the clichés about high octane, macho clichés about the world of rally driving. I loved the way the film makers got straight to the heart of what it really means to face ones fears. Great performances, beautifully nuanced writing and impressive cinematography that achieves impressive scale and ambition.

What I’ll be looking for in this years shortlisted entries…
Originality and ambition, no matter how long or short the film. Imagination and an ability to take an audience on a journey.

Artist & Filmmaker


What I do on a day to day basis…
My work is located somewhere between art and film. I’ve just completed a feature length essay film, DREAMS REWIRED, and so I’m delighted to exchange many months in the studio for international festivals and exhibitions. When I’m working closer to the territory of ‘art’, the day-to-day process can be wildly different – from piloting a single-passenger kayak taxi along canalways, to developing mass intervention in public spaces.

A recent short film I’ve enjoyed… 
A couple of years ago, the Latvian filmmaker Martins Grauds surprised the fashion world and beyond with his short LUST LUST. It depicts a startlingly original yet completely familiar world, and draws an unexpected relationship between fashion, furniture and daily life.

What I’ll be looking for in this years shortlisted entries…
Short films provide a perfect format to experiment with radical forms of expression. I love work that successfully suspends categories (such as ‘film’ and ‘sculpture’, for example). I hope to discover shorts that are synesthetic in their approach – whose form is based on the process of their making, for example, rather than on well-worn film tropes.

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