Winning Filmmaker Interview // Ed by Gabriel Garcia

IMG_2109Meet Ed and his extraordinary life. Fifty years of an unforgettable journey. Many loves, adventures and remarkable stories. What nobody knows is why Ed wants to end it? …. And now meet Gabriel Garcia, the director …

Can you tell me a little bit about ‘Ed’ and what made you want to tell this story?
Ed was my first film and first experience at animation too. Before this project our studio’s main service was architectural visualizations, but for some reason I wasn’t happy with this kind of work, something was missing. I’ve always loved movies, so talking with my partners about these feelings, we got this crazy idea to make an animated short film (and luckily, all the people from our studio loved the idea!). Another good thing is that at that time (2010) my brother Leo Garcia gave up doing advertisement to become a screenwriter, so we joined our forces to start writing the first drafts of Ed. The crazy thing was that we had never animated any character before! We had to learn everything, from storyboard to composition and each new thing was a challenge to be overcome. But it was a incredible experience and at the end all the hard work really was worth it: after 3 years of production our film got selected for 101 festivals, in 33 countries, winning 28 prizes.

Ed (1)

That sounds like quite an amazing journey! So what you have been up to since winning ‘Best Animated Film’ at the 2014 WISFF?
It was great to have received this award at WISFF, this kind of recognition only gives us more strength to keep doing films. We are working on an animated series for kids at the moment and we have 3 more projects for short films and 2 series that we are trying to raise money to start the production.


What made you get into filmmaking and what do you most love about it?
I graduated as an architect, and always loved to work with 3D softwares so I funded “” studio as student offering services of architectural visualization. As I mentioned, I´ve always loved cinema since my childhood and when I started to be frustrated with this architectural services, I saw the possibility of making animated films with the same software that we used to animate buildings.


What I most love in animation is the possibility of giving life to any kind of story and creating basically anything you can imagine, from crazy worlds to unique characters.

What’s the best bit of advice you could give to a fellow filmmaker?
This advice may sound a little cliche, but for me these were two great lessons that I have learned from the production of “Ed”:

1- Don’t be afraid to follow yours dreams: In my case, choosing to start doing animation films changed the course of the studio, and I don;t have any regret at all, on the contrary, we are very happy doing our own films (probably I would not be giving this interview here today if we had not made that decision that time).

2- Don’t give up: Someone told me once that it is very easy to start a big project (or any project), the hard thing is to finish it (I’ve never forget this sentence…). We took 3 years to finish this film (yes, 3 years for 14 minutes of animation…). During the production, we went through many difficulties, from technical to mainly financial, but at one moment our server simply crashed and we lost a lot of material of the movie. At that time we really almost gave up of everything, but for no reason we move forward (we did it again everything that we had lost and keep going).

So if I have to give some advice I’d say that you have insist, persist and do not give up of your dreams, never.

IMG_2111That is great advice and we’re very thankful you did did re-do everything you lost and chose to share “Ed” with us, thanks Gabriel!

To find out more about Gabriel and his production company’s work visit

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