Winning Filmmaker Interview // Anacos by Xacio Baño

Xacio Baño

We’re back with another “Winning Filmmaker” catch up interview, this time we chat to Xacio Baño, director of ‘Anacos’, the 2013 Wimbledon Film Club Best Film. The judges described it as a “Moving tribute to a Mother. Slices of cake/life all blend beautifully. Every time I watch it I like it more”

So tell us all a little bit about ‘Anacos’ and what made you want to tell this story?
It’s always a mix between many places. I wanted to talk about tempus fugit, about that life is just five minutes. On the other hand, I wanted to explore the posibilities of the Split screen.


What have you have been working on since winning ‘Best Film’ at the 2013 WISFF?
I visited many festivals with ‘Anacos’, and at the same time I was filming a new short film: ‘To be and to come back’ (Ser y volver). It’s just a little documentary/Fiction film about my grandparents. It was premiered at Locarno Film Festival this past August.



And are you working on anything right now?
I am filming a new documentary/fiction about some forgotten diaries, and I’m starting to write my first feature fiction film: ‘Ana and the future’. Fingers crossed!

What made you get into filmmaking and what do you most love about it?
I make films to scare my ghosts. I’d never dreamed of being a film director, but when I was twenty, in the middle of a personal crisis, I “discovered” cinema. I love cinema because it is a young art, and it has potential, possibilities, doors unopened.

What’s the best bit of advice you could give to a fellow filmmaker?
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

That’s great advise, thanks Xacio!

To follow Xacio’s work check out the links below:

Twitter @xacio

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