Winning Filmmaker Interview // One Man, Eight Cameras by Naren Wilks

Naren Wilks


And now for something a little bit different…. this week we chat to Naren Wilks, last years winner of the Best Experimental Film award.


So what is ‘One Man Eight Cameras’ about?
One Man, Eight Cameras is the result of an experiment performed by a madcap filmmaker (me), who creates clones of himself using camera trickery.

IMG_2053And what has the madcap filmmaker been up to since winning ‘Best Experimental Film’ at the 2014 WISFF?
Learning to become a projection-mapping artist and VJ.
Just concentrating on the transformation from filmmaker to VJ. I’ve got a lot to learn… including animation which I’ve never done before.

IMG_2055Are you working on anything particular at the moment?
I reached the limits of what I wanted to achieve with photography, and found that if I made moving-images, I could incorporate far more complex ideas and concepts. Now, I’ve become frustrated with 2D images, and want to move into 3D (projection mapping).


IMG_2052What’s the best bit of advice you could give to a fellow experimental filmmaker?
Don’t be afraid of failure, as you’ll still learn something from a failed project. But don’t forget to learn and don’t repeat the same mistakes! Get out there and test ideas for real, don’t just consider them. Ideas can evolve a lot in their experimental stages, but no so much if they only exist in your head.

Many thanks Naren!

Follow Naren’s madcap experiements at:

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